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The Church Revitalization Podcast

Jun 28, 2023

Where did this common view that equates the pastor’s ministry primarily with hands-on pastoral care come from?

While Scripture uses shepherd imagery, shepherds did much more than just provide pastoral care for their sheep.

On this episode of the Church Revitalization Podcast, we're asking the question, "Is pastoral...

Jun 21, 2023

It’s been said that any publicity is good publicity, but when it comes to the Church, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Southern Baptist Convention has had quite a year, and most involved parties would probably have preferred last week’s meeting go unnoticed. Instead, though, we had Rick Warren in a...

Jun 7, 2023

Power resides in every church-whether it wants it or not.

The important question is how the church, whether universal or local, should handle its power as it seeks to influence people for God. The answer is church polity. Polity concerns whom the church empowers. It answers the question, "Who has the authority...