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The Church Revitalization Podcast

Jan 26, 2022

Do you feel like your worship services are stuck in a rut?

Ministry is hard, and it's easy to go on autopilot. It's tempting to just do the minimum to make Sunday happen - but that is a far reach from what you intended when you first got into ministry.

In this episode, we cover 3 keys to transformational worship that...

Jan 19, 2022

Are you concerned about apathy in your church congregation? Are people uninterested and disengaged?

A recent Lifeway survey of pastors recorded many of them listing apathy as their primary concern for their church. Apathy is a real problem - and the good news is, there's something we can do about it.

In this week's...

Jan 12, 2022

We've all heard news of a church merger - or maybe we've even been involved in one. But do church mergers really work?

Should you peek below the surface, you would probably find that blending smaller struggling churches often results in one larger struggling church, not necessarily a spiritually healthy church.

In this...

Jan 5, 2022

You can't become a high-impact leader overnight. It's not an achievement you can earn in a moment.

Mastering leadership requires practicing leadership. And practicing leadership well requires leveraging certain habits.

In this episode, we cover five habits that high-impact leaders use to help them perfect their practice...